Hinderances To Fellowship Part 5: False Teachers

Hinderances To Fellowship Part 5: False Teachers

1 John 3:18-23

We have identified 5 hindrances to Fellowship with God:  Sin, Keeping God’s Commandments, Love for the Brethren, Spiritual Maturity, and Worldliness.  We have come upon another of these hindrances that affected the churches of Asia Minor and I believe affect us today as well.  We are dealing with what John called antichrists that can be characterized as false teachers.


Background:  The gnostic teachers that invaded the church began to leave and spread a false gospel that they had been attempting to teach within the church.


Warning – Antichrists Have Come

1 John 3:18 – 19

The point of verse 18 is the “last hour” that is characterized by the antichrists.

The point of verse 19 is they are the ones who left the church and are now exposed.




Anointing Gives to Discernment

1 John 3:20-21

Anointing – every Christian is anointed, it is a reference to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

“know all things” – not a KNOW IT ALL, references “know” meaning to know intuitively what truth is.




How To Identify The Antichrist

Identification of the Antichrists 1 John 3:22-

Who is a liar?  The one who denies Jesus as a deity (God)

False teachers are the antichrists of today…

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