Hindrance To Fellowship Part 1: The Crime Of Sin

Hindrance To Fellowship Part 1: The Crime Of Sin

1 John 1: 1-2


Ending chapter one of 1 John, we discovered that sin was an issue that had to be confronted for anyone walking in the Light.  Fellowship with God is about walking in that light and how to handle sin, but before we can assume that sin is inevitable, we will find out that God doesn’t want us to sin.  But if we do, we have some help for this crime.

Context:  Chapter 1:1 – 4 Jesus is real, fellowship can be had; 5 – 10 The nature of God is Light, we must walk in the Light, we continuously confess our sins in the Light


The Believer’s Atrocity

VS 1a  John is writing so that we don’t commit the crime of sin.


The Believer’s Advocate

VS 1b  John explains our character Witness is Christ Himself

The perfect witness has an impeccable reputation, outstanding character, and no crimes.

Jesus is the judge according to John 5:21 – 23, and He is also the character Witness.  We’ve got it made!!


The Believer’s Appeasement

VS 2  John explains that Jesus is the appeasement for the world.

“He Himself” is very important because He is the judge.

“the whole world” = means exactly what it says.  But why is the resurrection so important?

1 Cor. 15:17 & 20 – 23

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