Hindrance To Fellowship Part 2: Lack of Love

Hindrance To Fellowship Part 2: Lack of Love

Up to this point in John’s letter we have found out that Jesus is real, we can have fellowship with the Eternal One and each other if we walk in the light.  Walking in the light will expose our sin and if we confess it, He will cleanse us from its unrighteousness.  We’ve also learned that John doesn’t want us to sin, but if we do we have the best character witness – Jesus.  So, how can I really know I know Christ if I sin?  How do I know I’m in fellowship with Him?


The Test For Knowing Christ – (Fellowship)

Paragraph 1 VS 3 – 6

This is the way to test your knowing Christ, not just knowing of Christ.  Very different.

  1. Keep His commandments – means to guard them.  This is your moral character
  2. Keep His word – means to guard His teaching… This is the doctrine (teaching)
  3. In fellowship, we begin to act like Him


New Commandment – Love One Another

Paragraph 2 VS 7 – 8

Here is a commandment you want to keep, it’s not new, but yet is new. Ref. John 13:34

  1. The commandment is to love one another…  Love is the key to making it all work
  2. He lived a life of love
  3. You (believers) are living a life of love
  4. Jesus at the cross is the example (illumination) of this new love

Love is The Key to The Light

Paragraph 3 VS 9 – 11

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to know that a believer that doesn’t love another believer is IN darkness.

  1. Love of other believers is a sign of walking in the light
  2. In the light, one will avoid stumbling blocks to get one out of the light
  3. If you lose your love for other believers, you have lost your way. Takes more than morality and doctrine (teaching/knowledge)


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