Hindrance To Fellowship Part 3: The Lack Of Maturity

Hindrance To Fellowship Part 3: The Lack Of Maturity

1 John 2:12 – 14


Have you ever outgrown someone?  You mature and they kind of stay childish, if they do not grow up your fellowship begins to fall off.  Many Christians find it difficult to fellowship with God because we refuse to grow.  John reminds the church of who they are and the 3 stages of spiritual growth they need to complete.

Important to know in this passage:  1) John uses “I write” and “I have written” as if the prior is current and the latter is from previous writing.  We can’t be sure but we are going to treat it that way.  2) The use of “young men” & “fathers” is not gender-related, it’s cultural.  3)

Need to remember:  There was prevalent false teaching from early gnostic origins that used knowledge as the means to salvation, not Christ.

Note:  This is about the three stages of spiritual maturity.  The chart below will help you understand the stages and the provisions God has given us to mature and how each stage has access to them.  Take NOTES!!

Provision Sins Forgiven His name’s sake Have known the Father Overcome the wicked one Strong Word of God Abides Have known Him
Children Yes Yes Yes        
Young Men Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Fathers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


  1. Sins are forgiven = security in knowing that perfection is not a disqualifier.
  2. His name’s sake = Jesus is our Savior, not knowledge.
  3. Have known the Father = know who our Daddy is, next is to build a relationship – Fellowship
  4. Overcome the wicked one = we have (past tense) victory over satan (Eph. 6:10 – 13)
  5. Strong = strong in the Holy Spirit (as one matures it’s easier to yield to the Spirit)
  6. Word of God Abides = “word” is rhema – spoken, the ability to speak God’s word in spiritual battles
  7. Have known Him = “who is from the beginning”, understand and have built a relationship with Jesus in fellowship with Him.


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